Presentation by: JAZZ RASOOL at the new year gathering of Londonwide LETS.

….. Centres of Gravity – if we knew what our centre of gravity was for that day, we would conserve the most energy.  Collaboration comes down to how well you are able to meet your needs to some kind of purpose.  it’s like charity, it begins at home.  If you have learned how to get out of your way, and you hook up with someone who does the same, then you can work together.  Some people are always getting in their own way, and interfere with others.

A few years ago there were riots in Tottenham, for the first time 100 odd people in my block of flats accepted the possibility that someone could throw a petrol bomb.  So I persuaded everyone in their block to fill their bath with water, and make arrangements for security should things go wrong.  So people came to a meeting and agreed what to do.  I got the idea of collaborating to make a different in his community.  Working with the police, working on stop and search, telling police about volunteering organisations, told them some volunteering organisations were not doing great work with one another.

They were suffering from “collaboration illiteracy”, so there was a lot of wastage, they were not producing the effect they could have done had they worked together.  My research from that project was to find out what were the best practices, and the worst practices.  I gathered the different principles and the evidence.  The successful people worked out a cycle of steps.  This was the result of the research Idid in theTottenham area.  How they were able to create coherence out of what happened.  It’s a paradigm change, an example of shifting perspectives, changing the way people think and act. For a paradigm shift to occur, usually there’s a new burst of technology.  It took a long time for Christianity to spread until the printing press was produced, and this was able to spread the ideas throughout the world.

If you try and produce the technology before you have the mindset, the issues get magnified, and the technology shows up the issues in a magnified way.  So don’t take a new way of doing things into technology before it’s been demonstrated to work.  With the internet and society during the last 20 years, things have shifted.

The internet delivers results based on relevance.  These are the things that google and Facebook connects by.  It returns results based on preferences.  With the Arab Spring, people wanted to connect up into their deeper intentions, i.e. resonance factors as opposed to relevance factors.  People wanted to demand technologies which connect them with what they have resonance with.  It’s not only about connecting and sharing, it’s about learning.  It’s not about what you had for breakfast but what you can learn from people – a smaller network can have massive relationships. Now things are become more distributed, they realise everyone is a source for something.  You want someone’s insight and intuition.

In the past people bought something then you give them after sales support.  The new method is that first you support people, then later you might get a sale.  It used to be who can sing the loudest.  Now it’s more about connecting into things that make a difference.  Especially in the creative industries and the sharing economy.  Now the newest technologies are focusing on how we are empowering people.  They used to be about following whatever is trending, but it is shifting from relevant to resonance, which are the side-effects.  If you have a priority you will develop activities around it.  The thing that’s more powerful to work with are the resonance factors.  Technology is developing a new engine to connect people up by their wisdom.  If you are an energy healer, you want Reiki, not oil.  The evolution of social networking involves: relationships:  i.e. INFORMATION – KNOWLEDGE – INTELLIGENCE – WISDOM.

Driven by software, when Information (directories), Facebook and myspace started seeing migration from software to clout.  Now intelligence is driven by shared mind of everyone on the internet, i.e. what you have resonance with it.  New technologies are emerging which are called: “mind ware”.  Originally directories, then search engines, then social engines.  This new engine is connecting people by wisdom – the Resonance Economy – which is a paradigm shift.  This applies to currencies and changing order in the world.  When the banks stop lending, people connect up by their own wisdom and getting crowd-funding.  Individuals are going to collect up their own wisdom and forming crowd-government.  It’s already going on, but there’s no technology to connect it up.

The solution is to get people to collaborate with themselves then each other, then technology.  From Tottenham, first you have to have connection (1) serious, (2) fun (3) engaging.  If the three are in the right proportion they can connect.  I also found this with the voluntary bodies.  People stared building trust.  Then they contribute.  If you want to work with a larger amount of trust, they cross over into the collaboration half.  You have “trust momentum”.  This will take you into the next stage.  Ultimately you want to build something for the long-term, and talking a much bigger audience.  If you are not getting commitment, it’s because there was not enough contribution.  If there’s a lack of trust or moment, you orbit or go back.  You can have lots of activity but nobody trusts in what’s going on, so they cannot move from one stage to the next.  If they did not build enough trust or activity, if they competed a lot within themselves, they go backwards, it’s a sign of the opposite, which is competition.

If you reduce communication etc etc, you go backwards into competition.  If someone is not co-operating it’s because they are not able to make a commitment, so whoever is around them has to help them to make a commitment, etc.  People get stuck because they are not valued, and they close down.  This is based on the circle, eng, emp, ent  in the centre of the circle.  If you can get the DNA of their why, you can get them to collaborate.  it’s based on the “why”.  Moving forward requires enough support, challenge/ stretch, reflection/ processing. Each of these needs to have trust –  build on three proofs – Evidence, Experience, Education (Moel/Principle).  If someone says they are keen on something, then you will tend to trust it.  If insufficient support, challenge, reflection, you can reverse back into competition.

Y-space:  How to identifying. social vitamins, nurturing your inner world.

Support, challenge reflect.  If they can find people to give the right proportions, these are the right people to form a connection with.  How well are they meeting their needs right now.  How are these needs met?  These are emotional intelligence factors, how are you self aware, self manage, how do you develop yourselves.  How self-aware are you?   How can you help others to self-manage their intellectual development.

Mapping Collaboration:  Take questionnaire scores, arrange on grid, paint by numbers, paint by numbers, build a picture, and you can see how much alike people are.  This is just the surface perception, this shows the limits of the personality of that person.  it’s possible to talk the picture, it’s a mental selfie.  Where does the centre of this person’s energy located?  Just because an areas is scoring high, it does not mean the centre of that energy is there.

When people start focusing on the main area, the used less energy, so they conserved more energy, started to be more alive, all just by getting them on a daily basis to say where their centre of gravity was.  If they can’t get the needs met themselves, they can book up with someone else, not someone similar to themselves, has to be someone with different, opposite strengths.

On diagram:  Y axis is energy, Security, Freedom, Intellect, Creativity
X axis is How you help others? Experience, Happiness, Build experience………(look at diagram). VQ – Vitality Quotient. How alive is this person? If someone is skilled 89% only 50% committed, impact is 44%.

Are you in flow?  Out of 127 people, the average heart was only 10%. So the impact they were making is only 10%.  If only 40%, they are doing better than the average.  Divas are hard to work with because more skilled than trustworthy.

Brain Scans – Atmascape.  Comparisons:  When you try to connect with someone, you can try and find out how similar they are, and how much in sync.  You can build a community of people you can check in with every day and managing relations with 30 or 40 people with them.  You can everyone you’ve bookmarked, and you can see how much they can support, you , learn from, reflect with.  if you add up on a daily basis it varies every day.  The profile does not deviate over a period of every two weeks.

Needs/ Ability matrix. Should work through social media, and gaming. If you put information into a game engine and create a terrain, using that information about what is going on with their character, you can decorate their landscape with appropriate features.  You can put trees, deserts, people may look like they are scoring high, but ready to burnt out.  Can be low but showing a lot of resilience.  If lots of flow put water.  Habits show up as white spots.  Habit leading to high scores, plateaus, worn down, beaten tracks.  In a game engine can build it as a picture.  You could then experience your own inner world.  Shows strength, resilience, houses, habit becomes habitation, bad habits become a ghetto.  In that landscape you can find out what’s going on inside yourself, but for their relatives they can go into this world and see what’s going on inside their world.  Used in mental hospital, and showed results at NHS conferences, new technology shows people’s mental health, allows for the therapist to monitor the person remotely, cold alert the therapist to the person dashing or recovering.

At Greenwich, Occulis Rift, virtual reality helmet, you can physically be in inner world.  You can ask someone else to put on your helmet and wander round in your inner world. Teams should go on inward bound expedition, to change what they are going to do.  When people sat in areas with plateaus they reported a feeling of being at home because this was the place they were most accomplished, this is where they felt kinaesthetically at home, so deeded to see if terrain information could be matched with terrain in the real world, where the outside world matched people and took them to destinations, because the world outside matches the terrain inside, which is why they feel at home there.  What about travel agents using this information?

Collaboration can be done face to face.  We now have funding for this project and will run events called collaboration cafes, over 4 weeks, learn collaboration cycle, business people and residents, to improve the empowerment and wisdom.  3D world projects for communities, mental health, businesses, it’s all online, i.e. EnergyDiamond, Atmascape, at

Social vitamins, SUPPORT/ CHALLENGE/ REFLECT – the people who can help you.  Or go to people you’ve bookmarked, your own tribe.  You use this if you can’t connect with people face to face.  This approach appeals to a lot of people because it changes their perception of the outer world.

Bankers creating physical landscape wanted it to be embedded in the internet, wanting it based on resonance rather than relevance – an internet-driven government.  Does not require external government to manage why’s already going on.  Annual experiment in February, laws of energy. software can be put behind the internet and made  available to everyone.  It only nly needs 17 people with correct mind-set this would set a ripple of mindset, you, comment intent and complementary life paths.  For a whole country you only need 22 people coming together to affect like the whole country.  2.5 thousand people to all get profiled, and we found 17 people with a common intent, with complementary walks of life, would create a laser effect.

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