The M.A.P. – welcome!

Image of a networkOur aim is to MAP the huge variety of projects and proposals working towards economic reform.  “The Map” aims to help newcomers to find existing projects, rather than duplicating effort, and encourage those already involved to collaborate with others. This is a participative process, with academics, practitioners and activists contributing their knowledge. As pages are added, and the concepts tagged, a word map will build.  Meanwhile, our initial analysis indicated three basic approaches (the original inspiration for the MAP acronym):


This covers projects for relief of poverty  that can operate within the current economic system, and which compensate for its injustices, for example all forms of charity, including food banks.


These projects are also  allowable within the current economic system, and may therefore run in parallel with the mainstream, but with the possibility of growing and complementing it.


These proposals tackle the fundamentals of the economic system, and may require legislative change and/or global co-operation to bring about major structural reforms.